Turn your operational data into a command center

Operations teams use Canvas to automate spreadsheet workflows, report on key metrics, and streamline processes.

Create beautiful, real-time data visualization dashboards in minutes without SQL

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Become the single
source of truth

As an operator, you should be focused on solving hard problems, not wrestling with spreadsheets.

With Canvas, you can centralize data from all of your tools in minutes, without code. Gain hours back in your week to go focus on driving the business forward.

Visualize data from any source. Canvas lets you connect to any app and explore real-time data in minutes.
Canvas is the collaborative analytics platform. Ditch the screenshots, slack groups, and silos.

Answer any question on the fly

No more waiting on the data team to get you the reports and visualizations you need.

Answer any question in minutes by filtering, pivoting, writing formulas, and more over real-time data with just your spreadsheet skills.

Drive cross-functional clarity

No more screenshots, slacks, and email threads. Share beautiful, interactive visualizations with your team to collaborate. Track decision-making over time to continuously improve.

Create beautiful, real-time data visualization dashboards in minutes without SQLblue blurpink blur

Connect to tools like Stripe, Salesforce, and Segment to track the metrics you need.

Without SQL skills, operators rely on technical teams for help

Monitor your sales pipeline and post-sales hand-offs to ensure a delightful onboarding experience

Operators can't dive into the details without manually exporting to sheets

Divide customers into cohorts and segments to better understand your retention or churn

Too many systems makes it difficult to share and track decisions

Analyze your revenue and spend data to measure LTV to CAC

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With Canvas, we can orient our teams around revenue from day one and build a culture of truly data-driven decision making as we grow.

Sophie Benjamin
Chief of Staff, Anvil

Make faster, better decisions without code