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We're proud to stand on the shoulders of giants and work with top investors, data experts, and founders.

Venture firms

Konstantine Buhler
Ramtin Naimi
Beth Turner

Data experts

Calvin French-Owen
Cofounder, Segment
Jon "Natty" Natkins
Solutions Architecture, dbt Labs
Keenan Rice
GM, Firebolt
Mike Pickett
VP Growth, Streamsets
Nouras Haddad
VP of Alliances, Firebolt
Olivier Pomel
CEO, Datadog
Rafael Jara Simkin
Sales Leader, Monte Carlo
Rob Ward
Angel Investor
Seann Gardiner
VP, Business Development, Weights & Biases
Taylor Brown
COO, Fivetran
Walter Aldana
VP of Alliances, Snowflake


Alex MacCaw
CEO, Clearbit
Amit Vasudev
CBO, Clearbit
Bastian Lehmann
CEO, Postmates
Bryant Chou
CTO, Webflow
Chris Nguyen
David Petersen
CEO, BuildZoom
Finnbar Taylor
CEO, Shogun
Frederic Kerrest
COO, Okta
Gordon Wintrob
CTO, Newfront
Jack Altman
CEO, Lattice
Jeremy Cai
CEO, Italic
Joe Thomas
CEO, Loom
John S. Kim
CEO, Sendbird
Jude Gomila
CEO, Golden
Kevin Hartz
Cofounder, Eventbrite
Mathilde Collin
CEO, Front
Max Mullen
Cofounder, Instacart
Nick Raushenbush
Cofounder, Shogun
Ryan Carlson
CMO, Okta
Ryan Chan
CEO, UpKeep
Ryan Petersen
CEO, Flexport
Siqi Chen
CEO, Runway
Tony Xu
CEO, DoorDash


Brad Armstrong
SVP of Business & Corporate Development, Slack
Elias Rubel
CEO, Mattermade
Eric Ries
Author, The Lean Startup
Julian Shapiro
CEO, Demand Curve
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny's Newsletter, Product, Airbnb
Scott Belsky
Chief Product Officer, Adobe
Shreyas Doshi
Product, Stripe
Turner Novak
Angel Investor

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